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ABC’s Post

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Hi Everyone,

I am going to be writing about what my favorite things are  in the ABC order.

A: I really like apple sauce  it is my favorite kind of food in a plastic cup.

B: I love baseball so much because it is a really fun sport

C: I love Curry 3 it is my favorite kind of basketball shoes.

D: I love my Dad he drives me around and he is just amazing.

E: I have a friend he is great and his name is Elijah.

F: I hate eating fish I get sick when I eat it.

G: Gary from Sponge Bob is my favorite character.

H: Hockey is my favorite sport, because it is a fast fun sport, that is why I love it so much.

I: really like basketball because it is a fun sport.

J: Jake Vortanin is pretty good he plays for the Vancouver Canucks.

K: Kyrie Irving is my favorite basketball player.

L: My favorite name is Lane because that is my name.

M: My best friend is Myles we have hung out since we were babies.

N: North scooters suck because they are very bad quality.

O: I what to go to Ontario when I am older.

P: I love pineapples because they are very sweet and delicious.

Q: I really don’t like doing math questions!

R: Rawlings baseball gloves are really good I like the quality of the glove.

S: I have a really hard shot in hockey and I score a lot with it.

T: I like playing team sports because it is fun to work with other kids.

U: I am unhappy when I lose a game in sports.

V: I am scared of Viper snakes because I don’t want to get bit.

W: I really like winning hockey games it makes me feel happy because I love the sport.

X: I like playing X-Box.My favorite game is Forza Horizon 3.

Y: I don’t like the colour Yellow because it’s too bright.

Z: I like the zamboni because it cleans the ice.